Saturday Photo Hunt – Self


Good Saturday! Welcome to my new blog. I had to move it, it’s a long story, but suffice it to say, I’m settling in and getting used to my new home – and may I just say, I’m liking it!

This picture requires an explanation …

Please Ignore This Picture

This was taken in the back yard of our rental home in 1990 and before the kids came along, hence the reason you can see something that resembles a waist on me. My husband sort of MADE me pose for him. And when he asked me to assume a sex kitten-ish expression, well, this pinched/pained look just happened.

You have my permission to laugh – go on, I know you want to. πŸ˜‰


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45 Replies to “Saturday Photo Hunt – Self”

  1. I DID laugh – thanks! And I also laughed at your comment about my kitten drinking coffee for breakfast. Perfect!

  2. Okay, I didn’t even have to page down to the explanation to know that photo had to be from the late 80s – so I was close with 1990. Lovely photo.

  3. Aww…Congrats on the move πŸ™‚

    Love your pic! You are stunning in it. I SO had to wake up every morning and hairspray for hours to get my hair to the height I wanted back then πŸ˜‰

  4. Wow, I have many photos of my high-school self wearing large, pocket T-shirts tucked in. I just thought I had bad style; turns out we all did!

    Thanks for the flashback!

  5. Karen, you are so brave!! But really, you look great. Just gotta view it from the time machine. Thanks for visiting and good luck with your new hosting. I’m sticking with Blogger for that very reason.. don’t want to get so popular that I wouldn’t be able to host it myself.

  6. ROFL! Not at the picture – but certainly at your explanation!!! And I can only IMAGINE the look MY husband would get if he asked ME to assume a “sex kitten-ish” look! He’d probably get a “if looks could KILL” look!!! LOL!

  7. You look great, but it’s the explanation you gave with the picture that made me giggle, rather than the hairdo!
    The hairdo is very 90’s!

  8. If someone told me to give them a Sex-Kitten photo I’d have to hold up one of my cats! =)

    I loved your Catching Marshmallow Video above this, too! Too funny!

  9. Oh my goodness….this is ONE beautiful photo!!!

    My’s shared. It’s an “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours” type. Hope you can join me. Happy weekend.

  10. Thanks for coming by & leaving some love at my “self” shot today!

    I love this shot… I love looking at hairstyles and clothes and remembering looking the same way. True-waisted jeans (maybe even “pegged” at the bottom?), shirts tucked in & then pulled slightly out… it was an art, I tell you! πŸ™‚ As was creating hair like that… I’m glad I grew into a style that required less maintenance! Hehehe.

    Have a great weekend!~
    Lori V.–self.html

  11. You are also pretty Karen and i know even until now still a Karen that everybody knows. Beauty is really good but as long as you stay as what you are that matters….Thanks for the comments and i don’t have secret but maybe its just i am happier than before because i have my own family that always keep me busy and smile even the hard times. Take care Karen and happy weekend.

  12. I sort of remember my waist. I never had children…mine just disappeared on its own! Thanks for stopping by Spatter….

  13. Beautiful shot. You don’t look pained to me. Maybe a little bit like you’re saying, go ahead and take the picture. Still a great shot.

  14. Hi Karen, thanks for the visit! I love your photo! And i only laughed when I read your explanation of it–because you really looked fab–its a very classic 90s photo.

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