I Miss This …

The boys act like they don’t like it, or get embarrassed, whenever we reminiscence about their childhood days, but they stick around to hear the stories. :-) It snowed ya’ll! We had about 1/2 inch of ice first, then 3.6 inches of snow on top of that. And it’s cold, like FOUR degrees cold. This … Continue reading

I Pity His Wife

I’m waiting for Brandon to get home from work so we can all drive up to the technical college and find the building he has classes in tomorrow. We did the same thing with Blake so I sort of feel compelled to do the same thing with Brandon. (I’ve always tried my best to treat … Continue reading

A Sweet Delivery

Kevin got a package today … and it wasn’t something he ordered. And when he opened it? It was a basket full of Godiva chocolates. Someone loves us. A lot. I’m pretty sure they came from his old boss. I shall kiss that man’s feet the next time I see him. _______________________________ Follow me on … Continue reading

Right Now …

… everything is out of our family room, except for my computer stuff. And I’m working on making backups now so we can get my desk out of here. We can’t walk in our kitchen and we’ll have to make room to eat dinner on our dining room table, but it’s a small price to … Continue reading