Thursday Thirteen

Thursday Thirteen – Words You’ll Never Find in the Dictionary


Thirteen Words You’ll Never Find in the Dictionary
These words came from the Merriam Webster Online Dictionary

1. sinspire
(v): to compel one to be creatively wicked

2. sprog
(v): to go faster than a jog but slower than a sprint

3. furgle
(v): to feel in a pocket or purse for a small object such as a coin or key

4. hoyle
(n): the point at which a genius transcends our reality and becomes a madman

5. onionate
(v): to overwhelm with post-dining breath

6. smushables
(n): the groceries that must be packed at the top of the bag or separately to avoid being mangled by the time you get home

7. pregreening
(v): the tendency to creep forward while waiting for a red light to change

8. wurfing
(v): the act of surfing the Internet at work and rationalizing that it is for work purposes

9. wibble
(n): a trembling of the lower lip just shy of actually crying

10. knitpicker
(n): a person who selects your knitted sweaters. Beware the Christmas knitpicker or the put-the-family-in-the-same-sweater-for-the-photo knitpicker.

11. ESPN-onage
(n): secretly viewing an all-sports network when your wife leaves the room

12. polkadodge
(n): the pseudo dance when two people attempt to pass each other, each moving in the same direction

13. whinese
(n): a language spoken by children or spouses on long road trips