Thursday Thirteen

Thursday Thirteen – Things that Begin with A


Whoa. This makes my 110th TT. Apparently? I dig TT. 😀

Thirteen “A” Words that Describe my Life

Scrolling through my life, one letter at a time.

1. Applications
Part of my job is to learn new applications. For example, I’m seriously considering upgrading to Dreamweaver 8 because it’s been nearly five years and I hear it contains new, and better, features that will benefit my clients. The problem is not the time required in order to learn it, or the level of difficulty (I’m rather stubborn when it comes to teaching myself new things) but rather, the cost. I believe it will cost about $200.00 to upgrade. Ouch.

2. Admirers
I haven’t had many admirers in my life. I was never really “into” boys until after I graduated from high school and moved out on my own. THEN I went a little hog-wild and admired quite a number of boys *cough*. But overall, I was a tall, gawky female who laughed too loud, had a potty mouth and most likely scared most of my “admirers” away.

3. Anarchy
I avoid confusion every chance I get. I’m a simplistic sort of gal – I like to keep things simple and have no desire to complicate my life. Unless I’m feeling hormonal and b itchy, then all bets are off. 😉

4. Authority
Question authority has always been my motto. Just because someone said something doesn’t necessarily make it true. I’m a firm believer in finding out the truth for yourself – don’t rely on these so-called experts to do your thinking for you.

5. Addictive
I’m completely addicted to blogging. I think about it constantly and am always on the lookout for new and fresh material. I love passing along information, making people laugh and sharing bits of my life. I suppose I’m addicted for the simple fact that I don’t have anyone else in my life I can share these things with. This blog is my friend. Isn’t that sad??

6. Adhesive
I’m a strong person. I don’t fall apart easily. In fact, I’m one of these people who are incredibly calm during a crisis and act accordingly. It’s only after the fact that I have a nervous breakdown. I’m a strong person, both mentally and physically and I’m proud of that fact.

7. Appetite
I have a very healthy appetite … for making stuff up. I love asking myself, “What if,” and thrusting people/characters into situations and then watching them wiggle out. As far as a literal appetite – I’m not a big food lover. I eat to exist, nothing more. I have a problem with one thing and one thing only:

8. Asinine
I don’t even bother being polite to asinine people. I have no patience for stupidity, none. We all have brains, we’re all capable of using said brain. Please don’t give me excuses for poor decision making. I get ugly. It’s not fun. Let’s not go there.

9. Awkward
I’m not physically awkward, though I am a clutz when I’m tired. However, I am awkward when it comes to meeting new people and/or making small talk. I can find a zillion things to talk about on this blog but when it comes to face-to-face interaction, I’m a tongue-tied moron.

10. Agony
There are exactly four (major) incidents in my life that I regret – deeply and completely regret. I have succeeded in sweeping those events under my mental rug and they very rarely bother me. So mentally, I’m in good shape. But physically … I have three areas on my body that put me in agony on a semi-regular basis – back, sinuses and digestive. Walking takes care of my back. Drugs keep my sinuses under control and not eating solves my digestive problem. (Don’t worry, I’m not the sort of person who would ever have an eating disorder – I like my carbs too much).

11. Anew
I’m a firm believer in starting over. There is no sense in killing yourself over something you can not change. My motto is: buck up and move on. I can’t stand pessimistic, whoa-is-me people. If you’re unhappy, change the situation.

12. Anxious
Though I don’t believe in wallowing in self-pity, I do worry about things – especially things I don’t have control over. Yes, it’s true – I’m one of THOSE people: a control freak. As long as I know what I’m dealing with, I can handle it – it’s the not knowing that drives me insane.

13. Analyst
I like to think of myself as a pretty good judge of character. I love to people watch and stay on the outskirts of social situations. You can tell a lot about a person just by watching their facial expressions and their body language. You can also tell a lot about a person by listening to them talk and/or react to situations. Once I’ve “pegged” a person, it’s only a matter of shifting my personality a bit to the left or right in order to get along with them. This is probably a good trait to have, but I sometimes lose sight of the “real” me in the process.


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