35: Twenty Reasons Why I’m Vaccine Hesitant

I apologize in advance but I talk, non-stop, about COVID hesitancy in this podcast and I list 20 reasons why I’m hesitating on taking the jab. It’s all I can think about, largely because it will change the course of my life and my career. I’m torn – I know I need to leave the medical field but there are almost too many options out there for jobs and then there’s the timing of quitting and finding a job. I am trying to make the best decision for both me, and my employer, whom I like and respect. It TEARS me up inside that I’ve been forced to make this decision and I RESENT the hell out of these vaccine mandates. I’ve been forced into a corner and like a cornered animal, I’m lashing out and very, very angry. I have so many thoughts … take a listen.

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