34: Hashtag: COVID Idiots Come in All Shapes and Sizes

Here’s an interesting experiment: Open a different browser window – type in antifa.com and see where it takes you. Are you surprised?? I was SHOCKED. The CEO of my hospital did it again – he claimed that “less educated” people didn’t fully understand the benefits of the “vaccine.” In essence, he called all of his employees that weren’t a doctor, “stupid.” He’s such a swell guy, isn’t he?? White House calls on Facebook to ax free speech from individuals that are spreading “misinformation.” According to who? White House dictators?? French could face up to six months in jail if they go to a bar or restaurant WITHOUT a COVID pass – there are now THOUSANDS of French protestors in the streets. Is the U.S. next? Cuba shuts down the Internet – again, is the U.S. next? Are you paying attention? There are a lot of crazy things happening in our world. 

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