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Scientific Proof that God Exists

Discovered this beauty on Twitter. I love what she says and how she says it. What an intelligent young woman!

For those that are interested in Creation / Evolution references, check this out. There are a TON of links and resources for you to check out.

And here are some articles that provide even more information:

The Real “War of the Worlds

“For thousands of years, a war has raged between two worlds; one a kingdom of light, the other, a kingdom of darkness. Lives have been lost, battles have been fought, homes have been torn apart. Lies have been spun, traps have been set, countless have been deceived. These two worlds that wrestle against one another both fight for life – your life. But only one has the truth. This epic war between the two greatest kingdoms in the universe is never so evident as it is in the Creation/Evolution debate.”

Don’t the Bible and science oppose each other?

“One of the chief arguments against the Bible is that evolution, not creation, is responsible for the origin of animals and man. Spirit & Truth Fellowship International joins its voice with thousands of other educated Christians in categorically denying that evolution is true and that men and women are the product of millions of years of unplanned and random changes. The evidence from all branches of science is confirming that God did create the heavens and the earth, just as the Bible says. We have material on the subject, and the reader is also referred to the many books, articles, and scholarly monographs on the subject done by The Institute for Creation Research, The Creation Evidences Museum, and Answers in Genesis, some of the organizations that specialize in teaching the truths about Creation.”

The Revolution against Evolution

This movie reminds us that Evolution should be more accurately referred to as a “religion” and not science. Darwinian “theory” is nothing more than an hypothesis, which is not scientifically proven, as some would have us believe. In fact, Darwinian evolution violates many proven laws of science, such as the Second Law of Thermodynamics, which, in grossly simplistic terms, means that, over time, things tend to fall apart rather than assemble themselves.

Expelled brings to light the chicanery and coercion employed to suppress rational discussion of the issues. Those who continue to rabidly promote evolutionary theory do so at the risk of maintaining their increasingly shaky academic prestige. We must rightly question their antipathy toward the very idea that the universe was designed by an intelligent designer. And the thought of anyone calling that designer “God” is even more apoplectic to them. One must wonder what is generating such fanatical opposition to the idea of a Creator.”

I haven’t watched Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed, in fact, I haven’t watched a movie in … literally months (year?), but now that I’ve mentioned it, I’m betting Kevin will want to watch it.

Just a little light reading for you on this beautiful Sunday.

God bless!