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Did You Know There is a Life Handbook?

I know. Life is rough right now. So many “experts” telling you what to do, where to go, who to see. Get the vaccine, (or more accurately, the experimental injectable) or not get the vaccine – that is the question everyone is asking. Follow the crowd or assert your independence and refuse to conform? Who do we listen to? WHY would we listen to someone who doesn’t really care about us? Who is telling the truth and who is lying?


Or, is this our new normal?

Who do we trust? Where do we go for some peace? What is real and what is fake?

I can’t answer these questions for you – all I can say is that the majority of the information you’re being exposed to is a lie and to encourage you to seek alternative news sources and get ALL the information before making decisions that will affect you and your family.

However, I can offer a bit of hope. A resource, if you will, that will honestly help calm your fears and smear a soothing salve on your soul.

The Bible.


Before you go rolling your eyes or sticking your nose up in the air thinking, “oh great, another religious wacko” consider this – what’s the harm in looking into God and His wonderful book of life?

Why should you care? This is from an article on the Truth or Tradition website by Renee Dugan:

“There is a plethora of reasons why understanding the Bible is crucial for everyone, from the new believer to the seasoned scholar. There is not a person alive who doesn’t stand to reap some benefit from knowing, understanding, and applying the principles of the Bible. Here are just a few reasons why understanding the Bible is so crucial:

  1. It Empowers Us for Right-Living
    The Bible offers countless wise missives, instructions, and clear warnings on what to embrace and what to avoid in order to live a blessed, successful life. Understanding these things—why they matter to God, why they should matter to us, and how to structure our lives by them—is absolutely crucial to living both an abundant life and one pleasing to God. Without grasping this, at best we’re subject to the tailwinds of the world’s ever-changing notion of morality, which offers no tangible guarantee of joy, salvation, or righteousness. To live right, and live well, we must derive these things at their very definition from the Bible.
  2. It Gives us a Framework to Understand the World
    Without a firm grasp of what the Bible says about the age we live in, the spiritual forces at work, and who and what we are up against, we can very easily become despondent, confused, and angry as struggles come our way. Thankfully, the Bible very clearly lays out the truth about the spiritual battle raging around us, the enemy in charge of this fallen world, and the role believers can and should play in the fight. To understand the battle and stand our ground in it, we must fully grasp the nuances of the world’s state both spiritually and physically as explained in the Bible.
  3. It Demystifies Difficult Realities
    The spiritual battle is not the only aspect of life that’s difficult to understand—nor is it the only one the Bible explains! The problem of evil, sin, and suffering, why bad things happen to good people, why things seem to get worse rather than better around the world, why man is even here, why God’s Son had to die a horrific death, why there were certain cultures God ordered His people to wipe off the map—these are all very deep, very difficult realities to contend with. Even a surface reading of Scripture may not be enough to fully grasp the intricacies and necessities of these subjects. That’s why we can’t just read the Bible—it’s important to understand it. To have a clear, logical outlook on why so many things have come to pass the way they did and continue to, we must dive in deep and do the hard work to grasp the meaning and reasoning laid out in the Bible.
  4. It Elucidates the Past, Present, and Future
    There are countless details of history, the current atmosphere, and the coming future that can’t be truly explained without a scriptural framework. Some things have happened and are happening that had to fall into place in a certain way due to the Messiah’s coming over 2000 years ago; similarly, some things still must come to pass in order for all of God’s purposes to play out. Understanding these purposes—not to mention what’s happened, why it’s happened, and what still must—helps us to not become embroiled in guesswork and conjecture, but to live our lives with a proper perspective of the days and seasons in God’s hands. To fathom the truth of the past, make the most of our time now, and have hope no matter what comes, we must view all of history through the perspective laid out in the Bible.
  5. When we Misunderstand the Bible, It’s Easier to Misunderstand the One Who Authored It
    Circling back around to where we started, let’s touch again on the heartache that comes from an author misunderstood. When we stay high-level with Scripture, doing a cursory reading without making the diligent effort to dig in and truly understand it, we are building a house of cards on a sandy shore. Anything could come along and blow our beliefs down or rip the floor out from under it. We also run the risk of constructing an improper view of God when we don’t make it a point to truly understand His Word, which can lead to all sorts of pain—from legalism to loose-living, from hyper-judgementalism to hyper-tolerance, from loving Him without the proper respect to hating Him outright. Countless extremes spring from simply misunderstanding the heart of God as He laid it out for us in the Bible. To fully understand the Author, we must understand the blueprint He laid for us: the Bible, His very Word.”

With all the craziness that is our world right now, we have a God that loves and cares about us – ABOUT YOU. He only wants the best for you and who offers hope and light during these dark times. A lot of people have been deeply affected by this past year – it’s been rough – and it’s nice to know there is a resource out there that can help lighten our personal burden.

Listening to “experts” and the government is not helpful, nor is it encouraging. But God, now He’s someone you can rely on, who will NEVER let you down and promises everlasting life.

Sounds like a pretty good deal to me.

I hope you’ll consider checking Him out. What do you have to lose? (Answer: Nothing).

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