Podcast: Biden’s Dog Says Joe Will be a Great President

This was published 12-6-20

Sorry, it’s a little blurry. We’re still learning. We are currently using three cameras so that’s why the lighting is off. There is a camera on me, a camera on Kevin and a camera on the both of us. I’m still not sure how I feel about filming our podcast but here we are, in all our flawed glory.

Please be patient as we (and by we I mean Kevin) works through camera issues. He’s getting better and better and he learns a little more each time. He is playing around with transitions and I think he taught himself how to insert pictures/graphs.

Our channel is Right From Us on YouTube. I know at some point he’s going to make an account on Rumble simply because we can’t trust YouTube to eventually find us and censor us as we’re right leaning and obviously critical of radical left wing agendas. I’ll link that account when that happens.

Anyway. I hope you enjoy two mature (ahem) people shoot the breeze about today’s politics. We are working on making our podcast more lighthearted and fun as we don’t want it to just become a bitch fest. And we’re also working really hard to challenge ourselves to think objectively and present ALL sides to an issue, not just OUR side.

Thanks for watching!