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Why Did Jesus Have to Die and Suffer?

“What do you do with genuinely evil people?”

I love this question – answer? Not allow them to co-exist with you in the afterlife. WHY would you?! They’re evil, they do not have much good in them. They are consumed by darkness and wallow in sin, why do they deserve to rub elbows with God-fearing (which actually means respecting) people?

For example, the nutjob that shot up the club in Orlando Florida last Sunday. Pure evil. Stop looking for a reason, there is no reason. Evil is not something that you can break down into logical chunks, evil exists to cause pain, suffering, chaos and death.  Evil exists to destroy – that’s it. No other reason. Sure, there are motivations, “triggers” that will set evil into action, but you can’t control it, there is no stopping it. It always baffles me how people stand around and scratch their heads after an event like this – how did this happen? They ask. How can we prevent this from happening again? They puzzle.

Answer – YOU CAN’T. Stop trying to make sense of something that has no logic. Stop trying to control something that is uncontrollable.

Evil will exist, evil will get worse – the only cure? Jesus Christ coming back and saving us from ourselves.

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