What Do You See When You Hear This?

Isn’t this a fun video?? I love The Piano Guys – such a cool duo.

Watch it first because it’s cool.

Then push play, close your eyes and listen. Breathe. Take a moment. We’re all in such a rush nowadays. It’s nice to just slow down and EXIST.

What sort of images do you see when you hear this song?

I see a young couple in various stages of their relationship  – romantic, exciting, volatile, sweet, loving, fun, determined to make it work,  then older, sitting on their back porch, satisfied with life and with each other, and then finally reflecting back on their lives together, hands joined, small smiles creasing their faces.

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One thought on “What Do You See When You Hear This?”

  1. I LOVE the Piano Guys 🙂 Amazing musicians who have a lot of fun with it. What I see? Water. Ocean, falls, rivers, lakes, rain, storm.

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