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My Last Day at My Desk

I’m hoping this will be my last day.

Not with this company, (though there are days … moments … seconds that that doesn’t cross my mind), but at my desk.

Since I sit at the first desk that patients come to as they’re exiting the clinic area, I naturally help the most patients. On a four doctor day, it’s not unusual for me to help 30 patients ON TOP of the 15 voicemails I receive and the 15 flags I receive from the doctors’ nurses that I’m responsible for taking care of as well.

I’m currently responsible for 3 doctors- it’s overwhelming. I can’t maintain this pace indefinitely and I’ve expressed my … frustrations to my management.

It wasn’t until recently that I felt like a light bulb went off in their heads and they finally understood what I’ve been telling them for the past month.

So. We had yet another meeting yesterday (*sigh*) and today should, SHOULD, be the last day I’m at this desk. And we have three doctors today. So I will still end the day more behind than when I started it.

But. I will be sitting in the peach pit tomorrow (i.e. Triage area) answering calls and training the other MA’s to do the job that me and the other schedulers have been doing, and they will train me, and the other schedulers, MA duties.

Then next week, I will either be with a doctor or in the peach pit.

I will be kissing my desk, and my old job, goodbye.

At least, that’s the plan.

Let’s hope we all stick to the plan.