At the Moment

I Pity His Wife

I’m waiting for Brandon to get home from work so we can all drive up to the technical college and find the building he has classes in tomorrow. We did the same thing with Blake so I sort of feel compelled to do the same thing with Brandon. (I’ve always tried my best to treat both boys equally).

He’s nervous.

I remember my first day of college – actually, I don’t remember the day, per se, but I certainly remember the butterflies. I was also self conscious because I was one of the oldest on campus since I waited so late to even GO to college.

But I was ready and I took it seriously and I earned Cum Laude, thank you very much. 🙂

The day couldn’t be more gorgeous. It’s sunny and nearly 65 degrees. We’re being rewarded for surviving a really rough winter week last week – the polar vortex swept through here and this time last week we were bracing for a high of three – 3!

Gotta love that climate change. *smirk*

Kevin is at work. As usual. The man works nearly 24/7. He says this is his busy season, but honestly, every season is his busy season.

We’re asking Blake to go with us so he can give Brandon tips on where to park – I’m sure parking is going to be crazy the first week or so. But Blake hasn’t even taken a shower yet (he takes showers at 6:30 P.M. on the weekends – WTF??) so I’m not looking for him to go with us.

Brandon just text me – “Not getting home until probably 4:30, please have something ready for me to eat this afternoon.”


LOLOL – um, no. I’m not your slave. Sheesh. I have to give it to blondie, he’s got nerve.

I’ll be sure and tell him that when he gets home – the little creep.

Anyhoo – Brandon has classes Monday/Wednesday/Friday from 9:00 – 11:00. He’s also taking an online class. He’s about to get a very real taste of adulthood in the next few days. It should be interesting to see how he handles the extra demand on his time.

He’ll have to seriously whittle his gaming down. ‘Bout damn time. Now if we can just talk Blake into taking some accounting classes so he can help Kevin a bit more with his clients and work toward a FUTURE.


Have something ready for him when he gets home … AARGH … I pity Brandon’s wife. lol