The Stroke of Midnight


Where were you last night when 2013 turned into 2014?

Kevin and I (and when I say Kevin and I, I really mean ME because watching movies has become an instant sleeping pill for Kevin – I can’t think of the last movie Kevin actually remained awake for), streamed “Serenity” last night on Netflix. In fact, we used the “Max” feature on Netflix. Basically, if you can’t think of a movie to watch, “Max” will give you three categories to choose from – then will offer several movies from that category until you find one you’d like to watch.

It’s a pretty cool feature, actually.

After “Serenity” was over, I was actually watching an episode of “Heroes” when the stroke of midnight happened. (Kevin was drooling – ha!)

Suddenly, we heard fireworks (the nearby country club, I’m betting) and Blake comes out of his room to cheer, “Happy New Year!”

I suspect the boy was buzzed on the Bud Light Margarita-style drink that he helped himself to (he’s 21 after all).

It was pretty funny, actually. He denies he had a buzz going, but Kevin couldn’t even drink half of his before he claimed to feel the buzz. I was going to drink one, but my stomach was giving me issues and I didn’t want to take any more chances.

So yeah – it was a tame New Year – but at least I stayed awake for it.