Thursday Stuff

Want It? Work for It. Otherwise, You’re a Moocher.

I really admire this family. They put themselves out there for scrutiny and criticism. They blog every day and every single member of the family is open and honest.

And get this, this family has been doing it for YEARS. Every day for YEARS.

You have to admire their discipline and dedication.

And yes. They make their living vlogging. But imagine, for just one moment, how HARD it would be to vlog EVERY DAY, for YEARS, then EDIT and UPLOAD … did I mention EVERY DAY FOR YEARS??

And yet. People go nuts on them with the jealous, demeaning comments. I will never understand WHY we penalize successful people in this country. Successful people work HARD for their money. That’s not a crime. They not only work hard, they remain consistent and determined, which are really are the three main ingredients to being successful in today’s world.

Anyone can be successful. If one is willing to work hard, all the time, and be patient, it will happen. It may take longer than your peers, but it will happen, one way or another, and at some point.

I’m glad this man and his family are successful. They deserve all of the rewards that come with that success. He works really hard, and that’s a GOOD thing. No matter what you hear in the media, working hard and being successful is a GOOD thing – never apologize for your success.

If people have a problem with your success, screw ’em.