Work Stuff

Striving to Be Quietly Awesome


I’m feeling cocky and my ego has grown two heads today.

I’m feeling more confident about my job. I’m getting faster and more efficient and I’ve been asked (okay fine, I just sort of took it over because I’m one of those annoying leader-type people) to train the new girl.

(And I’m not okay with her just sitting there and watching me – who learns that way? I have to explain what I’m doing and WHY I’m doing something, so I’m talking a lot. And I’m sick of listening to my voice, quite frankly).

The nurse’s secretary is also new. And she’s a little freaked out when it comes to precerting testing through insurance companies. Granted, it’s not fun. And a pain. BUT, there’s a … trick to it. You just have to know what the insurance companies want to hear.

Granted, I’M NOT LYING. But when you precert tests, you sort of have to think outside the box and read between the lines on the doctor’s notes because they don’t often come right out and say what they’re looking for or trying to rule out.

Anyway. I found out that this girl came out of the nurse’s area crying on Friday, after I left early, because she was frustrated. And no one wanted to help her.

Enter Super Karen.

I know. I know. But dad gum it, how is anyone supposed to learn anything if no one takes the bull by the horns and freaking SHOWS them?!?

She gushed all over me. And told me, once again, that the nurses loved me and thought I was the best scheduler, hands down.

Even though it was really cool to hear that, I was beyond mortified. Okay. Let’s all agree I’m awesome quietly, shall we?? No need to broadcast that all over the clinic.


Anyway. I’m afraid it’s gone a teensy bit to my head. I found myself strutting around the clinic today and I was, erhm, a little more vocal than I have been. And more opinionated.

And I know where that usually leads me – Hello Trouble.

It’s time to rein it in and shut my mouth. And mind my P’s and Q’s.

And continue to be QUIETLY awesome.