Band, Life-condensed

What I’m Wearing to the Band Competition Today

Haha! No I’m not, but I do hang around the house wearing these pants. Super comfy.

Here’s the back of the band shirt …

Out of the Box 2012 Show

And the band director just posted this picture of the kids loading up on the buses on Facebook …


OMG .. I’m like a kid on Christmas morning!!


My Brother Rides an eBike to Work

I know, right??

This sort of makes me want to ride a motorized bike to work. (Keywords, sort of! HA!)

But seriously – think how much you’d save on gas!! And how much weight you’d lose! And how much deodorant you’d go through when you got to work! HA!


Look Who’s Coming to Town …

Hurricane Issac.


Course, by the time it reaches us, it’ll be a tropical storm … but WOOHOO – RAIN!! We need it. We’ve had drought conditions these past months and though I’m not exactly looking forward to the “storm” part of that tropical storm, I am looking forward to rain.

Cross your fingers that Issac stays on course!


Jazz’s Senior Picture

And suddenly, we’re here.


Kevin went with Jazz when he had his picture taken. Jazz had no interest in the whole changing outfits and posing 100 times thing, so Kevin took him to get his senior picture taken and nothing more.

However, they took several and though the one you see above is the one Jazz picked out for the yearbook, Kevin couldn’t resist buying one copy of this expression, too.


Senior year starts in two short days.

My baby is a senior … I can’t even wrap my brain around that one yet.