My Last Day at My Desk

I’m hoping this will be my last day. Not with this company, (though there are days … moments … seconds that that doesn’t cross my mind), but at my desk. Since I sit at the first desk that patients come to as they’re exiting the clinic area, I naturally help the most patients. On a … Continue reading

Human Resources Notified Me Today That an Extra $21 Bucks is Being Deducted from My Paycheck. Guess Why.

This notice was in our daily bulletin at work today: Mandatory Healthcare Reform fees From Human Resources: All employees participating in our health plan will see new federal fees deducted from their paychecks starting Jan. 3. The healthcare reform law (Affordable Care Act – aka OBAMACARE) [added because I'm PISSED OFF] requires all employers to … Continue reading

Non-Compliance Ticks Your Doctor Off

I have a few patients that call me every five or six months trying to get an appointment with one of my doctors. I’ve come to recognize their names but somehow, or at least they act like, they don’t recognize me. Nice try. These patients have been black balled. Yes. It happens in health care, … Continue reading