Earning Ones All Around

Congratulations to the Kickapoo Jazz Band on an outstanding performance at the Parkview Jazz Festival!! The group earned 1 ratings across the board & received numerous compliments from the judges! So. I left work early Friday to attend Jazz's Jazz festival at a local high school. First of all, may I just say, I need …


Christmas Parade

We went to our last Christmas parade last weekend ... (well, it's not the last, but the last one that Jazz will march in and they're so hokey [no offense Springfield], that I highly doubt we go back to see another one just for the sake of seeing another one). We dropped Jazz off in …

What I’m Wearing to the Band Competition Today

Haha! No I'm not, but I do hang around the house wearing these pants. Super comfy. Here's the back of the band shirt ... And the band director just posted this picture of the kids loading up on the buses on Facebook ... OMG .. I'm like a kid on Christmas morning!!