Camp NaNoWriMo – July 2019 Edition

Hello Campers!

Welcome to my tent! Pull up a log, grab a skewer and let’s roast some marshmallows.

I’ve got some water bottles and wine coolers if anyone is thirsty.

So. Hi. Camp Nanowrimo is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while. Anything to give me an excuse and to help motivate me to write, right?

I’m keeping this super chill, it’s summer, after all, let’s not get stressed out about this.

I’ve decided to write a blog post every day in July as my Camp Nanowrimo project. Sounds lame, I know, but I’d like to get back in the habit of writing blog posts again and maybe this will help me get back into the habit.

Maybe next Camp Nanowrimo, (which by the way, happens every April / July) I’ll write short stories. I have a love/hate relationship with short stories and I’d like to hone that a bit.

I guess now would be the time to plan a time I’m going to try and write these blog posts. If I don’t write them ahead of time, this project will fail before it gets started. I bought a new laptop, my old one was literally 10 years old, and I’m excited to use it. I also downloaded SmartEdit Writer. which is a free writing software that looks like it will help me keep my chaotic writing process organized. (Who am I kidding, we all know I don’t have a writing process).

I also discovered that the library will check out study rooms to you, free of charge. So, I plan on checking out a study room and going straight there after I get off work because I’m the sort of person that if I go home, NOTHING gets done. I spend all of my time just zoning out and being a slug.

My office at work would work, too. It’s literally a broom closet that has been converted into an office and it’s quiet and secluded so I could also take my laptop to work with me and write after hours.

My point is, I have options. I have to have options away from home or I will never get any work done.

I have to do a better job of planning. Blog posts won’t be that big of a deal, I already have about a week’s worth of blog posts planned out to begin with and it shouldn’t be too hard to come up with the remaining month because who doesn’t like to talk about their life, but when I do another Camp Nanowrimo or Nanowrimo I will HAVE to do a better job of planning stuff out or I will spend the majority of my time looking for something to write and POOF, the project time will disappear and I will fail … yet again.

I’m allowing comments on this page. If you’re participating in Camp Nanowrimo, let me know! It’s always a good idea to know your fellow campers, right? What if I need to call upon someone to help me if I get attacked by a bear? Or I need sunscreen? Or insect repellent? Or run out of emergency rations, like marshmallows?

Okay, I need to run to the store and buy last minute items. I just realize I don’t have enough deodorant to last me the entire month and GURL, that is NOT the way to make friends, am I right?











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