Craving Freedom

Freedom threw her favorite sweater into her suitcase at the last minute. She hurriedly closed the lid, but was careful not to make a sound. She was sitting on top, trying to make it close that last half inch when the alarm went off. “CRAP!” she hissed. She had totally forgotten about the automatic setting … Continue reading

Fiction: A Bump in the Road

“This is the first bad thing I’ve ever done in my life,” Blanche giggled as she looked at the other three women with her in the van. “I swear, any time I do anything bad, even just a little naughty, I get caught. Never fails.” “When have you ever done anything bad? You’re like … … Continue reading

The Perfect Couple

The three words to use in a story this week are: Grace Jitter Thin Thanks for reading. Most people would be embarrassed to go to Disney World with their parents, but not me. I had snorted a line of coke before my parents had picked me up. I felt invincible. I felt happy and confident. … Continue reading

Flash Fiction: In the Path

The three words to use in a story this week are: Foolish Mercy Relish Thanks for reading. Molly relished the thought of getting off work and unpacking the numerous boxes at her new house. “I know what you’re thinking about,” her co-worker said in a sing-song voice and with a laugh. Molly grinned. “I can’t … Continue reading

3WW: We’re Married Now

The three words to use in a story this week are: Cleanse Knead Melt Thanks for reading. My new wife kneaded my shoulders. Her fingers were strong and capable. It felt good. It felt really good. I began imagining those fingers on other parts of my body. “Hey, why don’t we stay in tonight and … Continue reading