Write: Girl Unclaimed

I threw the stick and watched Daisy run after it, her tongue lolling to one side, her stubby little legs pumping unrestrained excitement. I glanced out over the water and became momentarily mesmerized by the light flirting with the small ripples from fish nibbling algae on the surface of the lake. And then I saw … Continue reading

Fiction: Eve’s Empathy

It takes great courage to faithfully follow what we know to be true. – Sara Anderson “Hey Eve,” a man in a tight turtleneck sweater said while rushing past. “Piper can’t make it in tonight, can you cover?” He continued his fast pace and didn’t wait for her to answer. “Thanks! I owe you!” Eve … Continue reading

Fiction: The Trouble with Troy

If the dream is big enough, the facts don’t count. My dad always had big dreams. He wanted to invent something that would not only be useful to others, but help mankind and of course, reap big rewards. As in millions of dollars in rewards. He was an inventor, of sorts. I remember he would … Continue reading

Fiction: Holly’s Hope

Holly stepped to one side of the hallway to allow the group of girls to pass her. She kept her eyes down and trained on the notes she had placed on top of her books so she wouldn’t have to see the other girls turn their noses up at her. Unfortunately, it didn’t shield the … Continue reading

Fiction: Gabby’s Secret

I have a secret. I have many secrets, actually. Secrets that could destroy my family. Secrets that could destroy me. I feel like I should care about things, well, not things, per se, I’m not having a love affair with my iPod or anything, but no, I feel like I should care about people. And … Continue reading

Fiction Fix: A Mysterious Mutilation

“Oh God, she’s coming in.” Bethany paused over her work, her hands lightly resting on either side of the material she was feeding through the sewing machine. “What?” “That …” Robert hunched forward and stage whispered across the small shop. “That homeless woman.” Bethany arched a brow before shifting her eyes back to the seam … Continue reading