P is for Predictable

So … predictable. It can be boring. But it can also feel safe. Personally, I like predictable – I like having a low-key, safe, boring life with very little surprises. I like a low-drama lifestyle and I’ll take predictable over chaotic any day of the week. But you knew I was going to say that, … Continue reading

O is for Obstinate – Am Not, Are Too

Definition of OBSTINATE 1: perversely adhering to an opinion, purpose, or course in spite of reason, arguments, or persuasion 2: not easily subdued, remedied, or removed Come now, I’m betting you can think of at least ONE person who fits this bill … I can. And BOY HOWDY, can this woman be obstinate – so … Continue reading

N is for Netiquette

Definition of NETIQUETTE: etiquette governing communication on the Internet. Well that seems self-explanatory doesn’t it? But let’s spell it out for the confused people … (I found these rules here. Pretty good rules, I’d say). *Remember the Human Would you say it to the person’s face? When you communicate electronically, all you see is a … Continue reading

L is for (a Mother’s) Love

I’ve been scanning old pictures today (my goal is to digitize all of our photos and videos then store them in a safe deposit box because if something happened to any of these old pictures and videos I’d …………. well, let’s not talk about it). I posted this picture on Facebook and thought I’d share … Continue reading

K is for Karma

You know the saying, “I hope you have a kid JUST like you someday …” Well thankfully, I don’t. Wait. That’s not entirely true – Dude is like me, only a watered-down version of me. For example, he’s stubborn. He’s obstinate. He’s moody. He’s quick to anger. He has a potty mouth when he’s upset. … Continue reading