I Am …

I just converted a VOB video to a WMV format for a client (geeks will get this and GO ME) all by myself. Well, I Googled how to do it, found a free program and VOILA! Converted! Anyway, I’m waiting for it to upload and then I will (finally) work on my professional site – … Continue reading

Writing That Shines

I enjoy finding new voices. (Well, new to me, at least). Here are a few I think worthy of attention: “Sneaky Hate Spiral” from Hyperbole and a Half “The Diving Board” from Ministry So Fabulous! (Wow) “The Breakdown of: Friendship” from 10% Fiction “The Daughter of an Abortion Protester” from It’s a Beautiful Wreck “The … Continue reading

Thankful for a Speedy Recovery

Kevin’s physical therapy (PT) has been a God send. Every time we go, they either tell us something new, or they show us something new to try – often times, they do both. Initially, Kevin thought physical therapy was a waste of time. “I can do this stuff at home.” he’d say. “Why do I … Continue reading

Daily Walk

This is how long I walk, on average, on a daily basis. Well, maybe not daily, more like five or six times a week. It works out to be about 3.25 miles. I’m back on my walking kick. But before you become too impressed, let me pop that balloon right now; I’m getting back into … Continue reading

Home Office

Nearly every morning, after Kevin takes a shower and gets ready for the day, he will give me a quick kiss, say “I’m going to work now,” and then walk the few steps required to get to our home office. Where he’s working now, full time. His company liquidated (thanks to President Obama’s wonderful stimulus … Continue reading

Random Tuesday: Disoriented

Kevin is home full time now. I’m both thrilled and … not. Not because he’s getting on my nerves or bugs me every five minutes, oh contrare, the man has actually been pretty busy. He’s still answering calls, submitting reports, having meetings with his boss and dealing with last minute moving. No. I’m weirded out … Continue reading