Amping Up My Health Goals

I’m sort of on a health kick. Actually, there’s no “sort of” about it – I’m on a health kick. I’ve been meaning to vlog about this, and I would still like to, but by the time I remember I WANT to, I look like something that dug itself out of a grave and well, … Continue reading

My First 5K Experience

Finished my first 5K today – piece of cake. Then again, I walk three + miles on the treadmill on a regular basis so … — Write From Karen (@writefromkaren) June 2, 2012 So … that was fun. No really, I’m not being sarcastic – it really was. I psyched myself up for this by … Continue reading

Body Expectations – Get Real – Part Two

I’ve already written a post about body expectations, but it was geared more toward giving my testimony as far as my struggle to FINALLY become comfortable in my own skin. And even though it was cathartic for me to write about, I don’t really feel like I HELPED anyone out there looking to come to … Continue reading