Cooking Italian-Style Chicken Strips

This is Jazz, my youngest son, and he’s eating a dish that he cooked for us the other night. I know, judging by his expression, that he appears not to like what he cooked, but actually, he was trying (keyword: trying) to appear cool in his approval. I’m thinking he failed. Anyway, he made this … Continue reading

Fasting Facts

Fasting is a natural practice done to promote healing. Taking a break from food allows for a re-balancing within the body. So I read more about fasting … I’ll admit, some of it sounds a little hocus-pocus to me, but I think there are definite benefits from fasting. Here is a bit of the information … Continue reading

Cooking Southwest Chicken Burgers

I have to take a moment to brag on my husband (yes honey, I do). Not only is the man a BRILLIANT accountant, and a ROCKIN’ guitar player, the man CAN COOK. In fact, he’s been cooking a lot lately. And it’s a good thing because I think our can opener is wearing out on … Continue reading