Wearing Pajamas to Work

Nurses get to wear casual clothes to work. We’re expected to wear scrubs, which are really just professional pajamas. We do get a color choice though, pewter, navy or black. YAY! I shouldn’t complain. Scrubs are comfortable and cheap when you consider how much it costs for a work wardrobe. AND, you don’t have to … Continue reading

Today Ran Me Over

I completely lost control over my clinic today. (And when I say “my” clinic, I mean my doctor’s clinic). He was overbooked and we had a lot of weird, time-consuming things happen today. Before I knew it, we were an hour behind and suddenly, three rooms needed to be emptied and they all needed something … Continue reading

Why Make it Easier to Find Me?

I made the IT guy at work shorten my last name to just the first initial of my last name. It makes me uncomfortable when customers, or in my case, patients, know my last name. It’s not that I have anything to hide, but what’s to prevent a disgruntled patient from looking me up in … Continue reading

Stop with the Negativity

Stop with the negativity – it’s a cancer that spreads and eventually kills any motivation to be a better person. I’ve seen it firsthand, over the decades that I’ve been working with people. All it takes is one negative person to poison attitudes and murder kindness. Take charge. Be that one person who offsets sour … Continue reading

Forget the Fine, Go to Driving School

Jazz went to court this past Friday. He pled guilty to rear-ending someone. He was wearing his jazz ensemble – all in black save for one skinny white tie. I bet the judge was amused. The judge waived the fine and ordered him to go to defensive driving school. We would have preferred the fine. … Continue reading