Sailing the Inside Passage to Alaska

Finally. We’re on Holland America’s Statendam. Look at that water – smooth as GLASS!! Here’s one of my favorite pictures from our 2013 Alaska trip: I want to blow this one up and hang it – soooo pretty. Here’s a short video to show how smooth the water was in the inside passage… We were … Continue reading


We visited two apartments today. The first one, we met the gal at the complex and she showed us an apartment on the 2nd floor. The first thing I noticed was – it was dirty. At least, it FELT dirty. And it was right next to a major highway, so there was the highway noise. … Continue reading

Time to Grow Up, Boys!

I have the day off today and tomorrow. Let’s take a moment and savor that sentence a moment …………………………………… Okay fine. You don’t care. But I am loving it! I haven’t had a day off since our Vegas trip in October. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Okay, okay … we’ve savored enough. I got my gray covered this morning. … Continue reading

Walking Through Vancouver

Kevin was so fascinated by these planes in Vancouver. We watched several take off and land. This was taken off the pier in Vancouver. Just another example of Kevin’s eye – I would have never have thought to take this picture. Kevin is so cute – I don’t care who you are. (inside joke).

Tweet of the Moment

Wouldn't you give your right arm (and leg) to have a president (and first lady) who is a #ProudAmerican? — SharpestJim™ (@SharpestJim) July 5, 2014 I would. We watched “The Iron Lady” this past weekend and WOW – Margaret Thatcher was one tough lady! (And I was super impressed with Meryl Streep’s performance). But some … Continue reading